Three Rio Convention

Project Title

Generating, Accessing and Using Information and Knowledge Related to the Three Rio Conventions


(1) To improve access to environmental information related to the Rio Conventions through the harmonization of existing environmental management information systems and improving coordination of the implementation of these conventions in Cambodia

(2) To improve use of information and knowledge related to the three Rio Conventions

Expected Outcomes

1. Outcome 1

  • A harmonized information management system covering the three Rio Conventions;
  • A common clearinghouse mechanism for the three Rio Conventions;
  • Existing stakeholder platforms strengthened in order to increase stakeholder engagement in Convention related dialogues;
  • Strengthened coordination between key sectors to address biodiversity, climate change and land degradation issues at systemic and institutional levels.

2. Outcomes 2

  • Innovative tools piloted for decision-making using the economic valuation of the use of natural resources;
  • Strengthened capacity of existing national implementing institutions on negotiation skills and national preparatory process for COPs and other related meetings for the Rio conventions; and
  • A unified reporting process on the implementation status of the three Rio Conventions
  • Calling for the establish of a new Project Preparation Facility

  • We calling for the establish of a new Project Preparation Facility to bridge and promote an integrated, coherent and multi-disciplinary approach to these related issues to support respective mandates of the three Rio conventions: the Convention on Biological Diversity , the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. As in attachment file below;


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